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Our adult cairns each are a member of our family.  Many of our pups are 4th and 5th generation pups.  No inbreeding has ever taken place.  Our foundation Cairns (Bert and Millie)  were originally bought in the late 80's from a family in Chicago.  Both of which originally came from high quality breeders.  We also have made a few swaps and trades with a couple breeders in Illinois, Missouri and of course...Kansas!
Woofie's Rock-N Roberta is a daughter of Bert, our foundation male.  She is only 12 lbs. and our little obedience star.
Woofie's Miz Zurrie Chance
is a 14lb silver brindle
female from Missouri.  
If you are interested in seeing a picture of a puppy or more adults e-mail us!