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At the young age of four years Peaches and Amanda decided that they needed a little excitement into their lives.  It only took Peach a few minutes before she figured out how to maneuver the weave poles!  She loves the tire and the A-Frame.  The teeter-totter is a little scary still.  And we are still open to suggestions on how to find or make a tunnel tall enough for a Great Dane!  But over all she really is an "Amazing Dane!"
Agility is a great sport for dogs and their owners.  It helps with movement, awareness exercise and it is great for that "clumsy" dog (or owner) that doesn't realize he has back feet!  If you are interested in attending agility training for your canine contact your local veterinarian, animal shelter, pet shop, or trainer in your area.  Keep checking back with us for new updates on links, homemade eqiupment, tips and fun stories about agility.
Peachy likes to jump as high as possible.  Here she is jumping about 4.5 feet!