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Woofie's Miz Sho-Me
11 lbs.
Cream w/ black points
13 lbs.
Red Wheaton w/ Blk points
*Bo has been placed into a new home*
Woofie's Emma-Lee Elizabeth
12 lbs.
Wheaton w/ Blk points
Woofie's Miz Zurie
12 lbs.
Silver Brindle
Woofie's Rockin' Roberta
11 lbs.
Silver Brindle
Daughter of Zurri
Woofie's Miss Madeline
12 lbs.
Red Wheaton w/ blk points
Woofie's My-T Murphy
12 lbs.
Black Brindle
Woofie's Daphne Doodle
11 lbs.
Light Brindle
Daughter of Emily
Woofie's I Ate the Ruby Slippers
Red Wheaton
Bogart x Daphne
More pictures coming soon!
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